What's New
January 2020

The following enhancements have been made:

As part of CLI v6.0.1,

  • You need to uninstall the previous CLI version by using the npm uninstall fdk -g command and install the latest CLI version.
  • When testing scheduled events on your computer, the schedules will be triggered at the specified time and frequency after they are created or updated.

As part of CLI v6.0.0, added support for Node 10.x. Support for Node 8.10.x has been deprecated.

December 2019

As part of CLI v5.4.0, the iparam_test_data.json file has been deprecated. Before testing the app, navigate to http://localhost:10001/custom_configs and enter appropriate values for the configured installation parameters.

As part of CLI v5.3.0, added fixes for a number of minor bugs.

November 2019

As part of CLI v5.2.8, you can add external assets, such as .css and .js, in the config/assets folder to render the Custom Installation page.

As part of CLI v5.2.6, added fixes for a number of minor bugs.

October 2019

As part of CLI v5.2.5, added fixes for a number of minor bugs.

As part of CLI v5.2.4, added fixes for a number of minor bugs.

September 2019

As part of CLI v5.2.1, added fixes for a number of minor bugs.

As part of CLI v5.1.0, added fixes for a number of minor bugs.

July 2019

As part of CLI v5.0.10, Request APIs now support text/javascript content type.

As part of CLI v5.0.9, added fixes for a number of minor bugs.

June 2019

As part of CLI v5.0.8, the README.md file, describing app features and working, can now be packed in the app zip file.

As part of CLI v5.0.7, added fixes for a number of minor bugs.

As part of CLI v5.0.6, added fixes for a number of minor bugs.

As part of CLI v5.0.4, you can now detect bugs in your app caused by improperly assigned variables.

Introduced support for the following:

May 2019

As part of CLI v5.0.3, added fixes for a number of minor bugs.

As part of CLI v5.0.2, added fixes for a number of minor bugs.

The new CLI v5.0.0 adds support for Node 8.10.x. For more information, see Moving on to Node.js 8.

Mar 2019

As part of the latest CLI version (v4.9.2), support for rendering apps in the Asset Details Page has been introduced. Interface APIs can also be rendered on the Asset Details page and details of the asset can be fetched by using the Asset Data API.

Feb 2019

Support for agent level oAuth

Apps can now make requests that are authenticated using JSON Web Tokens (JWT)

Added support for Scheduled Events which enable serverless apps to be executed in response to one time or recurring schedules.

Jan 2019

The Server Method Invocation (SMI) feature allows the front-end component of an app to invoke the serverless component. Typically, apps that run on front-end events (app loaded, button clicked, ticket status changed, etc.) have the app.js file executed in a browser. And, apps that run on product events, app setup events, or external events have the server.js file executed in a server.

A single app can be present in multiple locations on the same page. In addition, a location may open up one or more modals. The locations and modals can be thought of as separate instances of the app and can be resized, closed, and communicate with each other. The app framework provides instance APIs to enable these use cases. Please refer to the documentation for more details.

October 2018

Introduced support for Serverless capability in CLI v4.0.0 and higher. This capability enables building apps that run in response to events such as Freshservice product, app setup, and external events.

Added the Freshdesk app for Freshservice and Freshservice app for Freshdesk sample apps to the repository.

September 2018

Extended event APIs to support custom ticket fields on both New Ticket page and Ticket Details page. Added new interface APIs to support set value for Change properties in New Change page and Change Details page.

August 2018

Extended Interface APIs for:

June 2018

Introduced support for:

May 2018

Added support for testing out the app installation experience using Custom Installation page. Once you have filled in the fields, you can press the “Install” button to test the app using the entered values.

Optimized payload structure for the below items -

Introduced the below APIs -

As part of CLI v4.3.2, introduced the below locations for apps rendering

Additionally, we introduced Event APIs and Interface APIs for apps rendering in the New Change page.

Released official samples apps for marketplace platform for Freshservice. To learn about how to start creating apps, please take a look at the source code of the samples

Apr 2018

Introduced support for:

Enhancement to payload structure with respect to data APIs for ticket associations

As part of CLI v4.2.3, added New Ticket page as location for Freshservice apps.

Introduced Event APIs and Interface APIs for apps rendering in the New Ticket page.

Mar 2018

Introduced support for:

Added new event for Ticket Details page to enable developers to invoke the app post Ticket Property load while using ticket_background location.

App.activated event will now be triggered based on the app location.

As part of CLI v4.2.1, added fixes for a number of minor Windows bugs.

The following enhancements have been made to Installation Parameters

  • Added new types of parameters - URL, email, number, phone number, date, and multiselect
  • Regexes can now be used to validate the parameters entered by the user
  • Added support for setting installation parameters as either required or optional
  • Optional parameters do not need to be set in the iparam_test_data.json file
Feb 2018

Introduced support for:

Additionally, the below locations were added in the Ticket Details page as part of CLI v4.1.9: